Respectful Separation for Couples.

Respectful separation for couples.

It is time for us to reassess the way we separate or get divorced. Our culture sees the longevity of a relationship as the hallmark of its success. But is it? I don’t believe so. Even though you and your partner may have made the decision to separate it does not mean you have failed. Even if the decision was made for you and it’s not something you wanted.

The act of ending a marriage or relationship in a positive way can change how you both move on. Your lives will be better for doing so. An act of remaining amicable, respectful, and honouring what was can help us heal from the disillusion of a relationship or marriage.

We can still love and care for someone and not want to live side by side with them. We can still hold someone dear without wanting to share day-to-day life with them. If you can leave your relationship with goodwill. Wishing one another well. Wishing you the best for yourself. That is the very essence of a successful relationship.

This does not mean this process will not, at times, be painful. It will involve grieving the loss of the current style of relationship. It will mean being able to transition to a different type of relationship. A divorce can be a reorganization of the family. it does not have to mean the end of the relationship.

For those who wish to end on good terms, navigating this process can be difficult and painful, it takes skill. Therapy can help resolve past hurts, and help you to see and celebrate the good so that you can both transition to your new life. You can celebrate what was good and heal what went wrong if you choose to.

Ending a relationship on a bad note can leave us bitter. We run the risk of taking the pain of the past into our new relationships moving forward. Counselling can be a joint endeavour between you and your departing partner, or you can come on your own. If you come with your ex, it’s a time to collaborate on how to move forward. In this approach, I serve as an assistant for you both to come to agreements about your separation, to get on the same page to co-parent your children.

I can assist you at all stages of your separation you deserve to get the very best assistance possible.

Warmly Sharron

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