What underlies the need to control?

If you have an underlying need to control, you are being driven by fear. The question to ask yourself is this – “what do you think will happen if you don’t control this situation, person”? If that thing happens, how will you feel? This is what you are ultimately afraid of yourself and how youContinue reading “What underlies the need to control?”

Are you co-dependent?

Are you struggling with co-dependency in your relationships? #Co-dependency is a term loosely used to describe people who feel extreme amounts of dependence on certain loved ones in their lives, and who feel responsible for the feelings and actions of those loved ones’.   When you are co-dependent, you lose your #“authentic self” you arrangeContinue reading “Are you co-dependent?”

Intergenerational Trauma

Were you raised by a mother who had unresolved personal or intergenerational trauma? Has this affected you and your relationships? Many of us have been raised by mothers who carried intergenerational and personal trauma, and this deeply affected their capacity to parent us as children. It is difficult to be connected to your children ifContinue reading “Intergenerational Trauma”

Healing the Wounds of a Toxic Relationship or Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional abuse by someone close, be it a family member/s or intimate partner, can leave us with the following symptoms. Shame and self-blame – thoughts that you are not enough. Loss of trust – in yourself and in others. Feelings of isolation and loneliness, followed by withdrawing from others, losing friends. Physical and emotional exhaustion.Continue reading “Healing the Wounds of a Toxic Relationship or Narcissistic Abuse”