Relationships 101 Interview

In this episode, Yvette welcomes special guest Sharron Brandon to the podcast. Sharron is a marriage and relationship specialist with over 20 years of experience helping couples feel heard and connected within their relationships.

Given the testing times 2020 has delivered thus far, Yvette has specifically invited Sharron to the podcast to offer guidance and support for couples having trouble or feeling strained in their relationship while planning their wedding. Sharron shares plenty of relationship gems in this episode, and she offers useful strategies that can be implemented immediately to achieve the harmonious partnership couples desire in the lead up to their wedding day and throughout their marriage.

Yvette and Sharron discuss:

  • Why money can be an issue in relationships and how to deal with this issue if it arises when planning your wedding.
  • How to ensure you are on the same page as your partner as you approach your wedding day and why this is the perfect foundation for a successful marriage.
  • Why it is important to work out what your needs are in your relationship, how to communicate your needs, and also acknowledge your partner’s needs.
  • Useful tips for negotiating painful situations that come up during your wedding planning journey and how navigating these situations effectively can strengthen your relationship.
  • Why intimate relationships are often our most testing, and how to successfully reconcile disagreements and reconnect with each other.
  • Learn about the magic phrase you can use to alleviate blame in a disagreement and create unity within your relationship.
  • What to do if you and your partner want completely different weddings.
  • Advice on how to navigate external people in your relationship such as parents and parents-in-law.

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