Do you fight fair in your relationship?

Fighting in a relationship is inevitable. When we come together with our partner, to build a relationship, we bring with us our own ideas and history. So, it’s not surprising that those differences at some point will clash. The problem arises when we believe that there is only one truth. When we are unable toContinue reading “Do you fight fair in your relationship?”

What is at the core of happy relationships?

What is at the core of happy relationships? At the core of happy relationships is a sense that you matter to each other. It’s knowing your beloved will be there when you call, at least most of the time. It is a culture of responsiveness to each other’s distress, needs, wants, and desires. It’s beingContinue reading “What is at the core of happy relationships?”

Criticism in relationships how to respond

#CommunicationSkills in relationships is essential to its longevity It can hurt when your partner, the one you love criticizes you. If you can be mature enough to move past the criticism you can move to a more connected place. If your partner starts to criticize you, look beyond their criticism and to the need behindContinue reading “Criticism in relationships how to respond”